Mehrkanalzähler im industriellen Umfeld

The elmor counters are normally used as batch counters. This means that a certain amount of a product must be counted, and then the machine is used for a next task. In the present application elmor multichannel counters were installed firmly in two production lines. The products – safety-related mechanical precision parts for the automotive industry – are fed continuously via a belt conveyor. Then they are counted, portioned and fed into a packaging machine. The system operates up to 7 x 24 hours. Thus, the elmor multichannel counting machines can be in continuous, unsupervised use for several months. This is only possible thanks to the unique sensor technology of the elmor counters. Whether in harsh and dusty industrial environments or in the laboratory with the finest products, the sensors retain their high precision and can be operated during months without cleaning and maintenance.
As a member within a worldwide just-in-time supply chain uninterrupted supply of products must be guaranteed. The entire system, including the counting and packaging part is therefore built redundant. The elmor 650 counting devices in turn are ideally suited for this task thanks to the robust sensor modules. At each machine 2 sensor modules are incorporated, each with 5 channels. In case of failure a module could be replaced within a very short time.